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Didit Consulting Inc's Management Team

Art Rothenberg, CEO

Chief Executive Officer Art Rothenberg has been helping clients find the best technological solutions for their needs for more than 30 years. Through a company he founded in the 1990s, Advanced Remote Technologies, Inc. (ARTI), he did video editing and sequencing work for Hasbro in their interactive video-game division, among other high-profile clients. Over the years he has worked with a wide range of industries including transportation, medical, manufacturing, legal and government.

By nature, Rothenberg says he thrives on solving problems, no matter what the application. “Every industry has a unique flow, and our job is to optimize it—to use computers to continuously find the best way to get from point A to point B,” he says. “Ultimately it's about making our end user’s job easier.”

Marc Hansche, CTO

Chief Technology Officer Marc Hansche is a respected software development consultant and specialist in user-interface design. Over the years he has worked with industries ranging from entertainment, including mission-critical applications for Fox Sports, the Academy Awards and Paramount Theme Parks, to transportation, including the integration of document-tracking software for nationwide trucking companies. On any given day, applications developed by Hansche are in use across the globe.

Hansche is also the founder and CEO of ACES for Hire, a company he started in 2002 to provide custom desktop applications, web applications, search optimization and related consultation services. Working with partner Art Rothenberg, he brings those talents to Didit Consulting, Inc. to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that empower small and midsize clients to expand in the markets they serve. “Software innovation is what we do every day,” he says. “And we thrive on the chance to take that innovation and apply it to the context of your industry. It’s what keeps this business so interesting.”