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Featured Projects

The management of Didit, Inc. has been providing state-of-the-art technological solutions for industry leaders for over 30 years. Utilizing custom hardware and software solutions to solve real-time control, accounting, tracking and other issues, we have created innovative solutions for industries including broadcast, warehousing, trucking, banking, manufacturing and health care.

Examples of our custom applications over the years include:

Route Control Manager

Enabling clients in the cable industry to automate control over the video/audio router, determining what is displayed on a cable subscriber’s TV at any given time. Our software helped minimize user error and manage video or video failover systems in case of interruption in the primary feed, in order to keep the audio/video feed on track 24/7.

Fiber Matrix Manager

Created to facilitate and maximize the benefits of the cable industry’s conversion to fiber optic cable. Managing all of their fiber optic lines and splices across the entire system, our software visually tracks the routing of digital information with an eye toward configuring the best route from one point to another.

Dock Manager

Designed to help warehousing clients visually manage all loading-bay activity. It tracks where shipments should be placed prior to loading, where trucks should dock upon arrival, how long trucks have been sitting idle and associated fees in order to produce the most efficient use of valuable loading-dock space.

Broker Manager

Developed to help trucking brokers keep track of loads and generate custom reporting for accounting. Because they work with multiple independent drivers and small fleets, our clients in this industry demand an accurate accounting of load status and related data to streamline data and maximize efficiency, making our software an invaluable tool for daily operation.

Archive Manager

Ideal for use in a wide variety of industries to allow users to scan, store and manage important documents and barcodes securely and easily on their own computers or networks. Clients with this software enjoy convenient, organized documentation at their fingertips. Archive Manager features also include barcode integration and printing, image transfers and Internet storage. Click here to learn more about Archive Manager.

Because we specialize in designing custom solutions, these are only some examples of the ways we have put our experience and resources to work in making our end users’ lives easier. Please contact us today to find out how we can integrate and develop products and services that will meet your precise specifications.