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Archive Manager

Archive Manager is a comprehensive digital archiving and coding system that stores all of your important documents while keeping them available for easy, on-demand retrieval. With Archive Manager you can scan all types of documents into a central repository. You can even upload them to a web server for off-site storage.

If you like, we can provide a secure interface to a web portal that will allow you or your customers to access digital documents based on user access rights. Don't run back to the office late at night to get a copy of those files, look them up from home or while you're on the road. You'll enjoy convenient, organized documentation at your fingertips, like a virtual filing cabinet that comes with its own personal assistant.

Archive Manager features include:

  • Secure document scanning & archiving
  • Custom data management & retrieval
  • Barcode integration & printing
  • Image transfers
  • Internet storage
  • Multiple-user access

Contact us or visit www.arcmgr.com today to find out how Archive Manager can save you space, money, time and hassle.